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Mediation And Arbitration

San Antonio Mediation & Arbitration Lawyers

Litigation can be a costly and time-consuming procedure that can intensify hostility in the parties and create emotional road blocks that cause clients to become entrenched in their positions even when it is not in their best interest. Mediation and/or arbitration sometimes offer a better solution. Often a neutral third party helps clients articulate and frame issues, identify options, and then negotiate a solution that is agreeable to both sides.

Daniel O. Kustoff is a certified mediator who has mediated hundreds of cases referred by lawyers, courts, and governmental agencies. Mr. Kustoff has mediated disputes involving a great range of civil disputes including first party insurance claims, personal injury, contract and business disputes, construction disputes, wrongful death cases, premises liability and fraud.

Arbitration is fast becoming an alternative forum for litigation, but preparation and participation in arbitration can be just as costly. Both Daniel O. Kustoff and Melanie H. Sanders have counseled, guided and handled many arbitrations for individuals and businesses. Daniel O. Kustoff has also arbitrated cases for attorneys in South Texas. Having attorneys experienced in the often detailed and rule-driven arbitration process can save you valuable time and resources.

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