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Water And Flood Damage

San Antonio Water Damage Lawyers

Water damage is a common cause of insurance claims in Texas. Policyholders who have faithfully paid their insurance premiums are entitled to a full and fair settlement when filing a claim for water damage.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always see it that way. At Kustoff & Sanders, L.L.P., in San Antonio, Texas, we are prepared to litigate on behalf of homeowners and business owners who are wrestling with their insurance company over a denied, delayed or underpaid insurance claim due to water damage or any other kind of property damage.

When water infiltrates your home following a flood, hurricane or through burst pipes, the damage can be extensive and dangerous. Water penetration can damage furniture, insulation, dry wall, roof, walls, carpets and floors. Water damage can lead to toxic mold, which can create serious health risks to occupants.

We eliminate the risk to you. Our bad faith insurance cases are taken on a contingency basis, which means you do not pay for our services unless we recover a financial settlement for you, either through negotiations or a court judgment.

Homeowners policies often exclude coverage for mold. When water damage occurs, insurance companies often wait until mold begins to grow to deny the claim. We are dedicated to holding insurance companies accountable for the coverage they promised.

Put Our Experienced Houston Flood Damage Attorneys On Your Side

In addition to your underlying insurance coverage, we may be able to collect punitive damages by showing that an insurance company improperly or unfairly delayed or denied your claim.

You can have many of your questions answered and get an honest assessment of your case by our San Antonio water damage attorneys during a free initial consultation. Call 210-614-9444, or use our contact form on this website to schedule an appointment.

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