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Real Estate Fraud

San Antonio Real Estate Fraud Lawyers

Purchasing a home or a property for your business is an exciting moment. The excitement can turn to despair, however, if you discover construction defects or other serious conditions that were not disclosed.

The experienced attorneys at Kustoff & Sanders, L.L.P., in San Antonio, Texas, recover compensation for individuals who have purchased property that was misrepresented. We work to recover the full cost of repairs. You may also sue for damages, meaning you overpaid for the property and deserve a portion of the purchase price refunded.

If the property is for the operation of a business, you may be able to recover lost revenue that directly resulted from the construction defects and the time it took to repair them.

The seller of a home is required to provide an accurate disclosure of any known defects. Similarly, real estate agents and brokers have a duty to disclose known property defects. We hold these individuals and companies accountable.

Our attorneys are always prepared to go to trial when necessary to protect your interests. We have engineers who can review the damage and testify whether the sale disclosure report was truthful. We also have damage experts who provide accurate estimates on the cost of repairs and can testify to the cause and origin of the defects.

We Also Aggressively Defend Against Real Estate Fraud Cases.

If you have been accused of any type of real estate fraud, it is important to retain a criminal defense attorney who understands sophisticated real estate transactions and lending practices. We are well equipped to defend clients against accusations of the most sophisticated real estate fraud.

Austin Nondisclosure Attorneys Who Can Help You With Rescission Of Contract Proceedings

Rescission of a contract is a legal term that essentially means the contract never existed. For real estate contracts, rescission could be a remedy in a number of different instances. For example, a home may contain defects that the buyer could not easily discover. Rescission could be available if the other party made material misrepresentations to you.

Rescission of contract is a complex matter. Our San Antonio real estate fraud attorneys have the experience and knowledge to successfully litigate these cases. Call 210-614-9444 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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