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Bad Faith Insurance

San Antonio Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

You pay your insurance premiums with the expectation that you will be covered if you ever need to file a claim. Insurance companies have a duty to handle your claim promptly, reasonably and in “good faith.” When an insurance company fails to meet its obligations according to Texas state law and the policy itself, it is said to have committed “bad faith” practices and can be held liable for both the original claim and punitive damages.

At the San Antonio law firm of Kustoff & Sanders, L.L.P., we aggressively represent individuals and businesses that are victims of their own insurance company or a third-party insurance company.

We fight back against “underwriting after a loss.” Often, insurance providers rewrite the rules about what is covered in a policy and what isn’t after a loss has already been incurred. We help policyholders fight back when insurance carriers accept a risk and then try to wriggle out from it when a claim is made.

Insurance companies have teams of lawyers whose careers are dedicated to fighting back against insurance disputes. It is extremely difficult for policyholders to take them on alone or with inexperienced lawyers. Insurers engaged in bad faith claim disputes with our clients recognize our attorneys’ knowledge and track record of not settling for less than our clients deserve, even when that means taking the case to trial.

Our Houston Insurance Claim Denied Attorneys Work To Get You The Settlement You Deserve

Kustoff & Sanders is prepared to fight for insurance policyholders at a time when many of them feel abandoned. If you have questions for a San Antonio bad faith insurance attorney, call 210-614-9444 or email us to schedule a free initial consultation.

Most of our bad faith insurance cases are taken on a contingency basis, which means you do not pay for our services unless we recover a financial settlement for you, either through negotiations or a court judgment.

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