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San Antonio Hurricane Damage Lawyers

Insurance companies often launch campaigns that publicize their fast response to natural disasters and caring approach to policyholders. But the truth is that not all insurance companies respond in such an exemplary fashion. Many employ tactics that are meant to protect the insurance company’s interests rather than its policyholders’ interests.

At Kustoff & Sanders, L.L.P., in San Antonio, Texas, we protect homeowners and business owners by standing up to insurance companies that operate in bad faith following a hurricane or any other incident in which they have incurred property damage and have filed an insurance claim. Our lawyers represent individuals and businesses throughout the state, including in Houston and Galveston, where hurricanes most often strike in Texas.

Bad faith insurance practices are litigated as a breach of contract. Insurance bad faith can consist of any of the following:

  • Delay in payment of policy benefits due
  • Paying less than the amount due
  • Delaying in the investigation of a loss or claim
  • Focusing on policy exclusions in an effort to deny coverage
  • Making an unreasonable interpretation of policy language

Rely On The Guidance Of Our Experienced Houston Storm Surge Damage Attorneys

Insurance companies frequently cite improperly completed claims or incomplete claims as a reason for delaying payment. Our attorneys provide legal advice regarding proper preparation of your proof of claim form and whether your insurance company is conforming to its obligation to deal with you in good faith.

We work closely with experts who will help ensure that you receive the maximum value for your claim. We handle all aspects of your claim from beginning to end and work aggressively to persuade your insurance company to pay the full value of your property insurance claim.

We are prepared to go to court if your insurance company refuses to treat you fairly. We have successfully prevailed in litigation involving bad faith conduct of insurance companies on behalf of residents throughout Texas.

We offer a free initial consultation with our San Antonio hurricane damage attorneys in which you can get answers to many of your questions and we will provide an assessment of your case. Call 210-614-9444 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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